Various people admire various materials according to their interests. Among these people some have the interest to buy genuine one and others may feel satisfied in what they bought rather than thinking whether it is a good product or not. They just see the outer look of a product and are attracted to its design and then buying it without estimating its real worth.

Jordan shoes are also bought by the people without knowing whether it is genuine or fake. Some people buy fakes just for name sake with a proud that they have a shoe that is similar to the original one. They are not looking into the material in which it's been made. Original branded shoes last long whereas the duplicate spoils soon. This is because the true product is made of pure leather which lasts long, on the contrary the fake one is made of stumpy quality products which will wither soon. These duplicate ones are sold at the same rate of the original one. Hence we loose our valuable money into worthless fake shoes. The low quality material of the fake product costs less than 10% of the actual costs of the original shoes. Hence the frauds get heavy profits out of cheating the innocents.

You have to be very careful when you go for Jordan shoes. Keep your eyes open and look into the logo carefully. Most of the genuine shoes will have its logo embroidered whereas in the duplicate shoes the logo will be printed and will be faded soon. You can easily identify it by the poor quality of its printing. If you know its official website then you can compare its logo with this fake product. The color of the original shoe will also differ from the artificial one. The original shoe's color will be brighter whereas the artificial one looks duller.

If you are an admirer of Jordan shoes then you be aware of fakes!

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